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Two months in Playa del Carmen: our top 6

We have been in Playa del Carmen for the last two months and we have really come to love this city. It is 100% Mexican but with a lot of foreign influences. If you ignore the fact that the cash machines sometimes spit dollars and look away from the Quinta avenida (5th avenue), you will find that it is has a lot to offer. From nice places to work to hidden places in the beach[…]

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everybody!! Chase your dreams, follow your heart and make 2015 count!! Big hug from Steven, Diana and Nina from Tulum, Mexico!!

Three weeks of Startup Weekends in Mexico

I (Steven) love coaching and mentoring starting companies or ‘startups’. Whether I can help with marketing  and communication, creating a great pitch, the formulation of a viable value model or just presentations and videos to help spread the word, I just get excited about people trying new things and turning that into a project / company. And I was really afraid that this one of the things I had to give up for our traveling[…]

Photography: Padle Surfing on the Lagoon of Coyuca, Mexico

During our travels, Steven regularly performs photography jobs for local clients. In these series we offer you a glimpse into typical Central- and South American settings, like weddings, sport-events, ferias, portraits and street life. All Stevens pictures are licensed under creative commons, which means you can use them whenever you like, no fees, no hassle. Just enjoy great photography.  Hotel baXar in Pie de la Cuesta is located at a brillant spot. Right in between[…]

Photography: beautiful Antigua, Guatemala

Last weekend, the first weekend of November, we went to Guatemala to renew our visa. A great country that we are going to visit for a longer time very soon. During our trip we shot the following pictures: [AFG_gallery id=’2′]