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Two months in Playa del Carmen: our top 6

We have been in Playa del Carmen for the last two months and we have really come to love this city. It is 100% Mexican but with a lot of foreign influences. If you ignore the fact that the cash machines sometimes spit dollars and look away from the Quinta avenida (5th avenue), you will find that it is has a lot to offer. From nice places to work to hidden places in the beach[…]

We are offline 6 weeks for our maternity and paternity leave

We have the great opportunity to give form to the ideal way for us to receive a new life into this world. We decided to take a long maternity and paternity leave the entire month of November and probably a bit of December too. Our MacBooks are nicely wrapped in a ribbon and we go offline to be fully present for the birth of our baby (boy or girl) and completely focus on the first[…]

Finding a VW mechanic in Yucatan

You probably have seen the picture on the homepage of us with our bus on the beach. This is probably the most expensive picture we took in years. Not because it was so hard to take but because we took the bus to this tropical island (Isla Holbox) in order to take it. The one thing we did not anticipate was that she had to stay on the island for almost a year because she[…]

We are going to Goa, India!!

Whoooohooo! We are going to India! After a little more than two years in Central America it is time for a change of scenery and a new adventure. Two weeks ago we have met an awesome couple called┬áThe Yoga People. How we know they are awesome? They have over 82.000 fans on their Facebook page and we already worked with them on Isla Holbox. They excel in teaching yoga to students who want to become[…]

Top 10 things to do on beautiful Isla Holbox

‘I want to go back to the beach’ is what Diana said last year in March after we had been living in San Cristobal de las Casas for seven months. So we decided to go back to the beautiful island that stole our hearts back in december 2011 when we started this lifestyle: Isla Holbox. Now, after almost ten months on this beautiful island we surely enjoyed that beach! Steven ran his first marathon, Diana[…]

Swimming with Whale Sharks on Isla Holbox

We went swimming with whale sharks for free as part of the deal we have with the hostel where we are staying right now. In exchange we of course made a movie for David (the owner) to use on his new website (made by us;)). A great experience and another item to be marked DONE on our bucket list:)

Mexico City

Imagine you are in a city and you hear those typical city noises: car horns, traffic and people talking. Now imagine┬áthat you are standing on a mountain and all you can see around you are houses and roads, everywhere you look. And imagine that all these sounds are blended in one general sound (or noise) mixed with the sound of salsa music and the smell of mexican food. Welcome to Mexico City! This city is[…]