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Roadtrip in old VW with a baby

A road trip with a baby in a vintage VW van: in 3 months from Mexico to Costa Rica. ‘You are going to do what?! With a baby? But…? And..? Uhm….?‘ Yeah, the same kind of questions have crossed our minds when thinking of this plan. There are a lot of buts, maybes and uhms to think of and sometimes it makes us nervous too.. However those are just the kind of questions and challenges we love[…]

Back in Mexico and our family is growing

Since a couple of weeks we are back in Mexico for another nine months of Digital Nomad fun. This time we will probably be traveling a little bit less than last year. The trip we made last winter was a tough but beautiful one and with an unexpected outcome: we will be having a new baby (boy) this november. Our first child, Isa, was born in Mexico and we loved being here just with the[…]


We have been cruising through Mexico and Guatemala the last few weeks, two countries we know quite well but we had a lot of fun doing it with two VW busses and our cameras. Tomorrow we are finally ready to head into unexplored territory: El Salvador. We are now relaxing in a small hotel at the border between Guatemala and El Salvador en tomorrow morning we will cross into El Salvador. We are very curious[…]